Yucatán with Jorge Guzmán

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3 Reasons to Travel with Jorge Guzmán

Fresh, unique and a little spicy. These aren’t just the flavors of the Yucatán, they also describe Jorge Guzmán. One of the Twin Cities’ most exciting chefs, Jorge was born in Mexico and raised in the Yucatán, and returns each year to visit his extended family in Mérida. The memories formed around the big family table shaped him, giving him a deep connection to the region and its cooking traditions. “It’s hard to convey the emotion I have for Mérida. It is... my home.”

Home, Sweet Home

From summers at his grandma’s beach house to days spent at his uncle’s antique store in Mérida, Jorge knows the Yucatán like a true and passionate insider.

Share the Love

For Jorge, food and family are synonymous. His fondest memories revolve around the kitchen table at his grandmother’s house in Mérida. Visit his new restaurant Sueño in Dayton, Ohio, for food that's 100% Mexican and made with 100% love.

All the Accolades

Jorge is a James Beard Award finalist for Best Chef, and his tasting menu at Brewer’s Table was a Top 10 of the year by Food & Wine magazine. Nowadays at Petite León, he mixes the food of his childhood with fine-dining flare.

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

Celebrate & Discover

Ancient Mayan ruins, remote jungle haciendas, colorful colonial cities. The Yucatán offers diverse landscapes, incredible history and supreme beauty.

How We Travel Matters

Modern Adventure is a proud Certified B Corporation, and a Certified Climate Neutral business. We believe travel can be a force for good and that how we travel matters.

So Much Flavor

Yucatán has some of Mexico's most distinctive cuisines, based on Mayan traditions. Get ready to taste Mexico like you never have!

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